In Our Gear, We’re All the Same

As any motorcyclist will tell you, there’s an innate sense of freedom on a bike; a complete immersion in the surroundings and the experience. And most motorcyclists see themselves as part of a bigger whole, a member of a community of riders that spans the globe. That may be one reason why bikers wave to each other when passing; to acknowledge this unspoken bond. We’re all bikers first, whatever else second.

And while it may be true that in gear we are all the same, the fact is, the GLBT community, communities of color or diversity are all but invisible in the motorcycling world and particularly to the motorcycle industry. Yet, it is some of these very diverse clubs that help form the history of motorcycling in America and the world. And while there is currently no openly gay MotoGP rider, that will change in time as there are certainly millions of diverse fans in the stands and in front of TVs and computers world-wide.

The fact is the diversity amongst motorcyclists meets or exceeds the types of bikes in the world today. People from all races, creeds, colors and sexual orientations have been drawn to motorcycling both as transportation and as a sport, for recreation or cross-continental navigation. GLB T community members and people of color have been a part of this community since its inception and while some may be more famous than others (think ‘Dykes on Bikes”) whether they are waving flags in Pride parades on Harley’s or gearing up for the track on Ducati’s, diversity is flourishing in the motorcycling community.

MotoGLBT will be a place created by a diverse group of contributors that will constantly grow and change. Spearheaded by entertainer, author, talk show host and gay advocate Karel (Charles Karel Bouely) and edited by David S. Ethridge (Editor/Publisher OC Blade, Web Designer, OC Register) the site will cover all aspects of two and three wheel transportation. It will feature reviews, editorials, message boards for people to connect, audio, video and so much more. 

But more importantly it will offer a place for the industry to interact with members of the GLBT Community, people of color and beyond. To date, no real outreach has been done on a marketing level to the GLBT community by the motorcycle industry; MotoGLBT will bridge that gap. Whether it’s new products, political activism or stories of interest to the community, MotoGLBT will bring the motorcycle industry and the GLBT and other diverse communities together to foster a better understanding and to expose each to new and exciting products and adventures.

Remember, the GLBT community still has buying power, disposable income due to two-income homes most without children and tends to have higher earners in the 25-54 and 35-64 demographic. The GLBT community is more apt to own higher-end vehicles such as BMW, Lexus, are early adapters for technology and automobiles in general and are brand loyal. This holds true for those interested in motorcycling. 

MotoGLBT won’t leave anyone out and will cover any and every story that interest its editors or contributors. Many contributors will be from the community, but it’s not required. GLBT themes or angles will be explored whenever possible but the main goal is to allow those in the community to write and share their experiences as well as the industry to reach the community with new products and information. Fun, informative, relevant, the site will be done by the community with the community in mind but not exclusive to it.

Because like motorcycling, in our gear, we’re all the same. MotoGLBT will showcase how diverse the motorcycling community already is and help dispel any misconceptions those from any kind of minority may have about it or its members.

You’re never more out than when you’re on a bike, so come and see what’s happening at MotoGLBT.


MotoGLBT.com will roll out in May of 2014 and is currently seeking content and contributors. Email info@motoglbt.com and be sure to follow @motoglbt at twitter.